Nine, Publishing Business Division (Metro Mastheads)

From the 10th December 2018, Nine and Fairfax Media merged into one business known as Nine. The new comapany was originally made up of 4 divisions called ACM Publishing and Printing, Publishing, Television and Stan. In the middle of 2019, ACM Publishing separated from Nine to be a company in its own right.

To deliver ads using this website, you must have a booking id from the Nine booking system starting with a "G" and also have the depth in millimetres (including bleed) of the booking. The Nine booking system handles ads booked in to The Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Australian Financial Review and magazines.

Ads for the ACM Publishing company should not be delivered using this website which includes ad ids starting with "AW", "TA", "RM", "VR" and "X". To deliver these ads, please go to the following link: